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Check out our videos. We occasionally put together videos of interesting things happening at Poulsbo Animal Clinic. Be sure to bookmark the page and check back because we add new videos occasionally!

Watch Dr. Craig Adams of Poulsbo Animal Clinic step-by-step as he extracts an upper 4th premolar from a dog named Riley.

WARNING:  This video contains graphic images.  Please watch with caution.

Follicular mange mites (Demodex) are commonly found in dogs, and less frequently in cats.  They can cause hair loss (alopecia), itchy skin (pruritis), and infection (pyoderma).  Most cases resolve spontaneously, but some can be very difficult to treat and persist for weeks or months.  These mites are found in small numbers in the hair follicles of normal dogs and cats as well.

Ear mites diagnosed at Poulsbo Animal Clinic: An example of Otodectes.  Ear mites are highly contagious and very itchy.  We have very good options for treating and preventing ear mites in your pets!

Fish Medicine at Poulsbo Animal Clinic: an example of the fish parasite (ciliate) Tetrahymena.

Heartworm Disease diagnosed at Poulsbo Animal Clinic

Goldfish Surgery performed by Dr. Adams

Canine Neuter Surgery performed by Dr. Adams

Bot fly removal surgery.  This one should not be watched while eating!