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We value our clients' experience at Poulsbo Animal Clinic. If your pet or animal is currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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~~ Tom S. 8/2014

We have nothing but great things to say about Poulsbo Animal Clinic. Most of the bad reviews here seem to be about the high cost of PAC services. But, if you have shopped around you know that every vet can be expensive. Costs for animal medicine like everything else these days have gone up. 

We had been going to another vet who charged about the same as PAC but the service was awful--really awful. But all our experiences here have been with a high level of customer service. We've even had Dr. Adams himself call us at home to check on our dogs. At our old vet we would see the doctor for about five minutes and then have to deal with her assistant for anything else. And even the assistant seemed annoyed when we asked questions. 

After a number of experiences at PAC I'd have to say that this is a excellent office with a caring staff. If they are off their game every once in awhile . . . well . . . that happens everywhere. But, we've never seen it. And, as for the cost of services, I don't think it is much cheaper anywhere else. One of things our old vet did was test, test, test running up huge bills. And most of these tests were inconclusive--meaning we spent money for nothing. When Dr. Adams has done tests he explains them to us and also why he feels they are necessary. He has also not tested if he thought that not much would be learned by doing the test.

So over all Poulsbo Animal Clinic gets high marks from us and we recommend it all our friends. And, also, we like this place so much we drive over forty miles one way to get there.

~~ Robert E. 8/2014

Gave excellent care to my shitzu whose eye was dangling on his cheek following  a bite from another dog.  Dr. Adams operated, and more importantly, followed through,and did so at a charge which was resonable.  In other words, he was more concerned with the health of my puppy than any charge he might have deserved.

~~ Jeff & Deanna F. 7/2014

We have taken our two dogs Kala & Jasper to Poulsbo Animal Clinic for several years and have always trusted the care and concerns that both Dr. Craig and Dr. Beth Adams have shown us in dealing with a mulitude of health care problems encountered with our two dogs. The staff has always been courteous and polite
and have given us timely and accurate information to any questions that we may have had in our numerous visits to the clinic. Good care you cannot put a price on and in the past with another vet that we went to, although considerably less  in fees and cost, the care and compassion reflected just that, you go cheap sometimes you get cheap. We trust these two vets with our special needs kids, and given the fact that they have DVM degrees from one of the top ranked veterinarian schools in the US, we feel that our two labs are getting the best care possible.


 Debby W. 5/2014

Dear Staff at Poulsbo Animal Clinic,

Many thanks for your note.  I enjoyed bringing Ginny to your clinic last Wednesday and am satisfied with our first visit.  Like most dog owners, I love my two Old Sheepdogs to pieces and maintaining their good health is a top priority for me.  I'm glad my friend recommended your clinic as I appreciate your friendly and efficient manner. Your wonderfully personable front desk and v. professional vet  make me feel we're in good hands. I'm sure you'll keep my dogs hale and hearty and I so appreciate follow-up phone calls and the personal interest you show.  Liked the vet's last words on his preventative care analysis - "She sure is cute.  Thanks for coming in. Craig" made me smile.  Ginny is doing v. well, thank you.  Her appetite has returned and she's eating normally.

Thanks again,


 Gigi W. and Vince C. 5/2014

Dr. Adams is the ONLY vet who takes care of my fish.  He is very knowledgeable and careful when handling my small goldfish.  I travel more than 65 miles one way to see Dr. Adams, but it is WELL WORTH IT.

 Lori Ann H. 4/2014

Nikki LOVES her new VET!  Thank you Dr. Craig! Nikki is on the mend and I couldn't be happier for her and with our new Animal Clinic!

 Ashley C. 3/2014

So very helpful with our cat Monster!  Very kind to my  year old who had LOTS to say to the vet!

 Carissa R. 3/2014

I feel so blessed to have Poulsbo Animal Clinic as my vets! Having had many dogs over the course of my life I've had many varied experiences with veterinarians, some average or good, but none that I would classify as outstanding (until now)! Being with Dr. Craig & Beth Adams at Poulsbo Animal Clinic I truly feel as though I have found a vet I can trust. Their education and knowledge is matched by their care and concern for their patients (and their owners too)!

In the fall of last year our dog Coach required emergency surgery to remove a large mass on her spleen (which was expertly diagnosed by Dr. Beth). Dr. Beth very clearly explained all of the possible outcomes, both positive and negative we could end up with. We decided to proceed with the surgery. Dr. Beth & Craig worked through their lunches to perform the operation, and I don't believe they or their staff could have taken better care of Coach or us. The next day Dr. Craig called us personally to see how Coach was doing, and remained available throughout her recovery to answer any questions we had. Their personalized care and concern was so appreciated! And best of all, Coach recovered wonderfully, and is doing great! As long as I have animals I love, I will continue to bring them back to Poulsbo Animal Clinic to be cared for, as I know they will be!

 Lisa K. 3/2014

I've been taking my now 8 month old Australian Shepherd here since he was 8 weeks old and they've been nothing but wonderful with both of us. He's always excited to go in for visits. 

Whenever I've needed advice, they've been available by phone and have walked me through many situations of my puppy swallowing strange objects. They've helped with his anxiety and were very accommodating to his needs. 

Great staff, great vet. I'd recommend making a visit if you're looking for a vet.

 Karen T. 3/2014

Dr. Craig Adams is compassionate not only to the animals he treats, but also the owners of the beloved pets.  He has treated all of our cats, some who just needed a check-up and shots to one who  had cancer.  He did everything he could to make her comfortable including coming to our house to euthanize her when the time came.  He just performed surgery on my new Abyssinian kitten who had a polyp growing through her eardrum and she has come through with flying colors.  She loves to go to the vet!  Craig has a great deal of knowledge, but is not afraid to consult with other veterinarians when he feels it would be helpful.  He keeps current on the latest information in the field which I feel is important in a good vet.  I believe you get what you pay for.  In the case of Dr. Craig Adams and the Poulsbo Animal Clinic, you get more.

Colleen & Chuck M. 1/2014

We got a call from our Vet in West Seattle while on the ferry that the fecal sample showed Giardia and worms.  Our Vet faxed over the Rx to Poulsbo Animal Clinic to fill and they couldn't have been nicer!  It was a stressful time for us.  They had everything ready for us when we walked in the door.  I would recommend them to anyone needing care.

Lauren M. 1/2013

Stop looking for clinics and bring your animals here.  If you're looking for a clinic where they take the extra steps to ensure that your animal is receiving the best treatment, this is the place you want to go. They listened to all of my concerns and addressed each one perfectly.

Taking an animal to the vet for a check up can be a tedious task, but the staff at Poulsbo Animal Clinic was super friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. I had the opportunity to bring both of my cats Annie and Pepper here to get their Senior Wellness Package. The Senior Wellness package includes the office visit, diagnostic Bloodwork & Urinalysis, Cystocentesis, FVRCP 3 year, and Rabies vaccination 3 year. They also offer a shot for Feline Luekemia but that's recommended for outdoor cats and mine never step foot farther then our back deck. The cats were a bit nervous exiting the crates that I brought them in but once they were out free they quickly warmed up to the staff and became at ease. Dr. Beth Adams was extremely knowledgeable and made sure that me and my husband knew the right steps to take in order to improve our cats lifestyle. Lila and Tiffany were very helpful as well. Tiffany gave me all the details on how the cats did, as they stayed overnight so the Doctor could get a urine sample in the morning. 

It has now been 24 hours since their shots and started them on the new weight loss food (Feline R/D) and I've already noticed a change in behavior and mood. They seem a little more playful and happy whereas before they were kind of blobs, as most cats are. I really appreciate the great customer service by the staff at Poulsbo Animal Clinic and will definitely recommend them to friends in this area.

I look forward to the next visit!

Kelvin B. 7/2013

Thank you for trying so very hard to save Kia, you gave it your all Dr Adams I am very grateful for your honest opinion. Thank you

 Tracy K. 6/2013

AWESOME people here!  Vet care is WAY expensive these days, but the care given by PAC is worth it!  They really care about animals and tell you upfront what your options are.  My dog, Cole, HAD a tumor and they walked me through all the options and ended up saving his life!  Cost over $1000.00 but Cole will out his days cancer free, I hope.

Greg F. 4/2013

I took my labrador Max to Dr. Craig to get a second opinion on an aural hematoma, and as a result, will not be going back to my original vet! Dr. Adams and the staff here at the Poulsbo Animal Clinic are simply the best! I could not ask for better care for Max, and I was treated as a valued client. I would certainly recommend PAC for any of your pet's needs, as Dr. Craig is simply the best vet I have had the pleasure of doing business with. Max will be a lifetime patient here for sure. Thank you Dr. Craig and everyone at PAC, I certainly appreciate your care and professionalism. BTW, Max is doing great! Thanks to you.

Vicki G. 4/2013

I have trusted Dr. Craig Adams to take care of my two Pugs since I moved to Kitsap County in 2006.  At that time, he was working at a vet hospital in Port Orchard.  From my early appointments with him I knew that he had that edge about him for staying on top of new information regarding vet care for dogs.  He took the extra time to explain procedures and care to me and to ensure that I knew what my dogs needed.  When I discovered he started his own vet clinic in Poulsbo, there was no hesitation to make that drive every time so my dogs could continue to get the best care possible!!  My dogs are my family and it is my responsibility to make sure they are receiving the best health care possible!!  Dr. Craig Adams and his staff help me to make sure of that!!  I am excited and confident in highly recommending the Poulsbo Animal Clinic for all your pets care!!

Dan & Jenny F. 2/2013

Dr. Craig & Dr. Beth are the most skilled and compassionate vets I have ever known, and I've had dogs and cats in many states over the years. They will always be part of our family having helped us through cancer and serious illness with both our beloved family pets. Schedule your pet with them and you will be in excellent hands!

Emily S. 7/2012

I needed to get a certificate of health and updated vaccinations for my kitty Grayson to fly him for a cross country move. The staff was very knowledgeable and friendly, they immediately knew what I needed and were happy to provide! I was worried about getting something prescribed for my cat's anxiety... but Dr. Bethany had plenty of options for what I needed. She was very thorough with her questions and information to ensure my pets health and safety! She worked with me and made sure she knew the entire circumstance before making her recommendations. They are very up front about pricing, which is quite reasonable. They provide you an estimate for treatments to review BEFORE doing anything, no surprise charges. They are glad to perform only the ones you elect for the visit and do not pressure you. From start to finish the clinic was exactly what we needed. They are clean, professional and above all friendly; the staff genuinely care about you and your pet. I forgot to print a first time visit coupon offline but they were still happy to apply it to my bill! Even though this was my one and only visit they still insisted I call if I had any problems or questions while I got set up with another vet on the east coast. I highly recommend their services, if you want a vet that listens and cares then these are your folks.

Jenna H. 2/2012

I am soo very sorry that I moved away from Poulsbo for the fact I will not have the superior care offered at this hospital. Sincerely, both Dr. Adams are amazing and the staff is OVER THE TOP GREAT! In fact I may start saving my money to travel up there just to be in their care-I live in Southern CA now so it is quite a trip...but definately worth it!!! A special thank you to Heidi, she is incredible.
Sequoia's mom

Jeffrey F. 7/2011

This is a great Vet his staff and clinic are top notch, I took my pets to another Vet in Poulsbo for twelve years and after one consult with Dr Adams and our Luvee was on the raod to a better quality life (please read the following). My oldest dog Luvee started having problems with her legs three years ago and the other Vet could not help. After six months she is a new dog.

Thank you for looking into additional Vet-Stem treatment for Luvee. A quick update on Luvee is that she is a much happier dog and she shows signs of the old Luvee we saw prior to her leg problems. Luvee has with the support of the braces and the Vet-Stem gone to chasing the younger dogs in the yard and now wonders out to be close to us while we are working in the yard. Although she will never do a three mile run with me again, her quality of life has been significantly improved, due to your excellent care.

I tell the story to my family and friends, that for three years we had her going to a Vet who for all intense purposes did nothing to improve her condition. At best she was put on medication to ease the pain and make her more comfortable, however it did nothing to improve her condition.  Craig six months at Poulsbo Animal Clinic she is a completely different dog, we trust you without question with the care of our dogs, who are a huge part of our life.  I also let everyone know that we use to all but drag her out of the car to go into the Vet and now she is wagging her tail and almost runs me over getting out of the car to come see you and your staff.  We could not be more happy with the service and care your clinic provides. I had a similar discussion with my Bother in law who is a Vet  from Spokane and told him the same story and he said everything I have said about you and your clinic is the sign of a very good Vet and that we are lucky to have found you.

Thank you to all the Dr. Adams and your staff.

Lisa W. 9/2010

The staff and Doctors here are great.  They take extra special care of my precious kitties.  I even had an emergency and they were able to fit me in.  Very thorough with exam and diagnosis, explained everything in great detail.  This is a great choice if you want to feel like you are the only client they have.

Lacy R. 12/2010

The staff here are fantastic. The vet techs are great with your pet, Dr. Adams takes the time to explain everything he's doing, and why, in a language you can understand. The prices are reasonable too. They give the estimate upfront so you know what to expect. I was able to have my dog seen right away (otherwise we would've had to go to the emergency clinic). They even bought me coffee while I waited for my dog to get her elbows xrayed. I can't imagine receiving better care.

Jeff N. 8/2009

I am impressed by the professionalism of both doctors and staff at Poulsbo Animal Clinic. You are really treated as a valued customer, not just “another customer” walking through their front door. Dr. Adams has provided specialized care for both my two year old lab/Australian Sheppard mix and an elderly beagle. Thank you!

Matt S. 7/2009

Dr. Craig Adams is a fantastic Veterinarian. He is so gentle with my dog. I can tell he really cares about the health of my Miniature Schnauzer! I highly recommend Dr. Adams and the staff at his clinic to care for your pets